Slugs, snails and mussels

Slugs, snails and mussels are all molluscs (as are octopi and squid, though none of those has been sighted in the Wildspace!). With the exception of the water snail and the four species of mussel, the rest of the Wildspace molluscs live on land. By the way, the Zebra mussel was introduced to the UK from eastern europe, and is high on most 'rogues gallery' lists of invasive species.

If you would like to see what a particular species looks like, go to the website of the National Biodiversity Network and type the Binomial name of the species into the 'Search for Taxa' box. Or simply use Google search.

Logging species is an important aspect of our work in Ely Wildspace. If you would like to find out more please visit our page on Biological Recording

Binomial name Common name
Aegopinella nitidula Waxy Glass Snail
Anodonta anatina Duck Mussel
Arion ater Great Black Slug
Arion hortensis Blue-Black Soil Slug
Arion intermedius Hedgehog Slug
Arion rufus Large Red slug
Arion subfuscus Dusky Slug
Cepaea hortensis White-Lipped Snail
Cepaea nemoralis Grove Snail
Cernuella virgata Vineyard Snail
Clausilia bidentata Two-Toothed Door Snail
Cochlicopa lubrica Slippery Moss Snail
Cornu aspersum Garden Snail
Deroceras invadens Tramp Slug
Deroceras reticulatum Netted Field Slug
Discus rotundatus Discus Snail
Dreissena polymorpha Zebra Mussel
Limacus maculatus Irish Green Slug
Limax maximus Leopard slug
Milax gagates Black Keeled Slug
Monacha cantiana Kentish Snail
Oxychilus alliarius Garlic Snail
Oxychilus navarricus Glossy Glass Snail
Tandonia budapestensis Budapest Keeled Slug
Trochulus sericeus Hairy Snail
Trochulus striolatus Strawberry Snail
Unio pictorum Painter's Mussel
Unio tumidus Swollen River Mussel
Vitrina pellucida Pellucid Glass Snail
Viviparus viviparus Common River Snail


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