27 species of butterfly have been seen in Ely Wildspace, and a considerable number of moth species (a separate page listing Wildspace moths is coming soon(ish) ).

If you would like to see what they look like, go to the website of the National Biodiversity Network and type the Binomial name of the species into the 'Search for Taxa' box. Or simply use Google search.

Logging species is an important aspect of our work in Ely Wildspace. If you would like to find out more please visit our page on Biological Recording. Thanks to Cordelia Brown for the report of Marbled Whites.

Binomial name Common name
Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell
Anthocharis cardamines Orange Tip
Aphantopus hyperantus Ringet
Aricia agestis Brown Argus
Artogeia napi Green-veined White
Artogeia rapae Small White
Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue
Coenonympha pamphilus Small Heath
Colias croceus Clouded Yellow
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone
Inachis io Peacock
Leptotes pirithous Common Blue
Lycaena phlaeas Small Copper
Melanargia galathea Marbled White
Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown
Ochlodes venatus Large Skipper
Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood
Pieris brassicae Large White
Polygonia c-album Comma
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper
Satyrium w-album White-letter Hairstreak
Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper
Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui Painted Lady


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