Biological Recording


Recording the wildlife of the wildspaces around Ely is a very important activity for us. Understanding and documenting biodiversity enables us to assess both the importance of our sites and the ways in which the management we put in place affects their wildlife. This is achieved mainly through the work of volunteers and amateur naturalists. We are very fortunate to have had help from many highly skilled volunteers who have generously contributed their time and expertise to help build an inventory of the wildlife found around us and how our activities are changing it.

The records that they collect are supplied to the appropriate biological record centres and recording schemes, and are also stored by us on Mapmate. Species lists for different taxa can be (will be able to be) viewed and printed from this web site. If you have enquiries about biological records for the area or would like to submit records - either recent or historical - please contact us.

If you would like to contribute to recording please contact us for more information.

Order Number recorded
Amphibians 3
Hymenoptera - Bees, ants and wasps 38+
Birds 200+
Hemiptera - Bugs 26
Lepidoptera - Butterflies 26
Beetles 130+
Lichens 77
Fungi no records yet!
Mammals 9
Plants 600+
Bryophytes - mosses 62
Diptera - flies and hoverflies 178
Reptiles - snakes and lizards 1
Lepidoptera - moths 417
Arachnid - spiders 48
Odonata - Dragonflies and damselflies 20
Orthoptera - crickets and grasshoppers 4
Fish 10
Dinosaurs! 17
Molluscs - slugs and snails 25

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