Ants, bees and wasps

Ants, bees and wasps are all members of the order 'Hymenoptera': insects generally with two pairs of wings, and second only to the beetles (Coleoptera) in terms of numbers of species. There's a society dedicated to them at Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society

The list below contains the species of solitary bees known from the Wildspace area (other hymenoptera lists to be added soon). Solitary bees actually make up 95% of the total of bee species known in the UK. As fairly conspicuous insects, the great majority have common names as well as Latin ones - and what a fine range of names they are!

For more about Wildspace solitary bees, check out this poster, produced by Mark Welch

If you would like to see what they look like, go to the website of the National Biodiversity Network and type the Binomial name of the species into the 'Search for Taxa' box. Or simply use Google search.

Logging species is an important aspect of our work in Ely Wildspace. If you would like to find out more please visit our page on Biological Recording


Binomial name Common name
Andrena bicolor Gwynne's Mining Bee
Andrena chrysosceles Hawthorn Mining Bee
Andrena cineraria Ashy Mining Bee
Andrena dorsata Short-fringed Mining Bee
Andrena flavipes Yellow-legged Mining Bee
Andrena fulva Tawny Mining Bee
Andrena haemorrhoa Orange-tailed Mining Bee
Andrena minitula Common Mini-miner
Andrena nigroaenea Buffish Mining Bee
Andrena nitida Grey-patched Mining Bee
Andrena praecox Small Sallow Mining Bee
Andrena scotica Chocolate Mining Bee
Andrena synadelpha Broad-margined Mining Bee
Andrena tibialis Grey-gastered Mining Bee
Andrena trimmerana Trimmer's Mining Bee
Anthophora plumipes Hairy-footed Flower Bee
Chelostoma florisomne Sleepy Carpenter Bee
Coelioxys inermis Shiny-vented Sharp-tail Bee
Colletes hederae Ivy Bee
Halictus tumulorum Bronze Furrow Bee
Heriades truncorum Ridge-saddled Carpenter Bee
Lasioglossum albipes Bloomed Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum calceatum Common Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum morio Green Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum pauxillum Lobe-spurred Furrow Bee
Lasioglossum punctatissimum Long-faced Furrow Bee
Megachile centuncularis Patchwork Leafcutter Bee
Megachile ligniseca Wood-carving Leafcutter Bee
Megachile willughbiella Willughby's Leafcutter Bee
Nomada fabriciana Fabricius' Nomad Bee
Nomada ferruginata Yellow-shouldered Nomad Bee
Nomada flava Flavous Nomad Bee
Nomada flavoguttata Little Nomad Bee
Nomada goodeniana Gooden's Nomad Bee
Nomada lathburiana Lathbury's Nomad Bee
Nomada marshamella Marsham's Nomad Bee
Nomada panzeri Panzer's Nomad Bee
Nomada ruficornis Fork-tailed Nomad Bee
Osmia bicolor Red-tailed Mason Bee
Osmia bicornis Red Mason Bee
Osmia caerulescens Blue Mason Bee
Osmia leaiana Orange-vented Mason Bee
Sphecodes ephippius Bare-saddled Blood Bee
Sphecodes geoffrellus Geoffroy's Blood Bee
Sphecodes monilicornis Square-headed Blood Bee
Sphecodes puncticeps Sickle-jawed Blood Bee
Stelis phaeoptera Plain Dark Bee

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